Monday, March 16, 2009

Most Stem Cell Stocks Fall on Monday 3-16-09

On Monday 3/16, the market gave up its early gains in the afternoon, and most stem cell stocks ended in the red, about 1/3 rose.

Big Winners: ATHX +26.8%, AVII +6.3%, CRIS +13.6%
Big Losers: ARIA -6.8%, GERN -7.3%, NGEN -47%, OPXA -21%, STEM -10%

Big Volume: DNDN (-2.5%), NGEN (-47% on 14x avg volume). In the news, NGEN is in default on an equipment loan from GE, who may seek remedy.



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A company issuing stock gets it's money when the stock goes public, called IPO for Initial Public Offering. However, if the stock takes off due to future expectations, the company can capitalize by issuing more stock and raising money near the current price, so investing in these small biotech companies increases their chances of succeeding by raising enough additonal capital that they don't need to take on debt.

Then when promising drugs are approved and released, the subsequent income produced drives the stock price higher, and all investors and employees benefit and can either invest more in the industry or perhaps realize a goal in life.

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