Thursday, December 24, 2009

Took a hiatus here.. for GOOD REASON

Because every time one of these biotech stocks goes up, they simply issue MORE SHARES and clobber all investors.. after this happened to about five of my own holdings, I 'threw in the towel', and decided I may be helping to promote this "printing of money", which really should be illegal..

I'm growing exasperated by all the outright SCAMS capitalists are perpetuating on the worldwide investing public... someone needs to STOP these crooks or declare corporations UNCONSTITUTIONAL..

Check out how Vietnam has capitalized their companies: each employee gets EQUAL shares, making the deliveryman, the receptionist, the factory worker equal to the foreman or the CEO.. as a result their stock market is going up over 100% per year... THIS SYSTEM was set up by FORMER SEC OFFICIALS from the U.S.! They can see the inequities and failure of our system, and have given Vietnam the best stock capitalization system for everyone.. now each employee has a vested interest in their company's success, each being 'part owner'!

Now, why can't a smart, entrepreneurial nation like ours do the same thing? IN two words: SELFISH GREED! We are controlled by the wealthy who won't give up anything at all, thinking it might cost them part of their millions.. It was this attitude that led to the Cuban revolution, where the wealthy landowners sold out to big U.S. corporations, and rather than pay poor sharecroppers anything at all, they simply kicked them off the land and burned down their huts.. Maybe a few U.S. dollars and shares of United Fruit Co or Dole stock and the whole thing could have been avoided, and Cuba would be another prosperous capitalist nation today, and a valuable trading partner for the U.S.

We have nothing to lose but our volunteered servitude!


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A company issuing stock gets it's money when the stock goes public, called IPO for Initial Public Offering. However, if the stock takes off due to future expectations, the company can capitalize by issuing more stock and raising money near the current price, so investing in these small biotech companies increases their chances of succeeding by raising enough additonal capital that they don't need to take on debt.

Then when promising drugs are approved and released, the subsequent income produced drives the stock price higher, and all investors and employees benefit and can either invest more in the industry or perhaps realize a goal in life.

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